Your life with your loved one
45-minutes of reel romance

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Who doesn’t love a good love story? From Ishtar and Tammuz, to Romeo and Juliet, humans have enjoyed great romance stories since storytelling began. Even action and adventure stories often include a romantic element – a sure sign that love’s what makes the world go round, and that everybody wants to feel it. Telling your authentic love story in an expertly crafted film by Vandercom Films is a magical experience that lives forever.

It could have been a chance meeting on a night when you said you would rather stay home, a meeting at work during which all sorts of sparks flew, or a persistent chase that paid off.

Everyone has their own special story of how the universe conspired to bring about a sequence of events that set you and your partner on a life path together.

Add to your experience by using actors to recreate your first meeting, the engagement, or even your wedding day. See our additional services.

What's Included

Getting Started

Preparations for the production via phone, video call or in person.


Interview with the storyteller couple.

Interviews with family members or friends for specific parts of the story

Filming and commentary going through photo albums. 

Filming of some of your lives today.


Producing the Film

Editing work including use of any sourced footage and audio.

Inclusion of selected home video clips in the edit.

Selected photos included in editing.

Single Camera filming in 4K using a Sony A7sIII or similar.

A digital copy of the finished film in High Definition (HD).