Everyone has their own unique story. Are you ready to tell yours?

Award-winning Vandercom Films will match you with a filmmaker who really listens to your story.

They’ll pay attention to what you have to say, and to be able to capture your shining, authentic self in an expertly shot documentary.

It’s a gift of a lifetime, and one that will become a treasured family keepsake.

Be the star of your own story.

Do you remember sitting down in the living room with your parents or grandparents, looking at old photo albums, and hearing about the good old days?

Seeing black and white pictures of Dad when he was a boy, Mum as a schoolgirl, and what life was like growing up in the swinging sixties is more than a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

It’s a chance to connect with people, places, and events in a special way that brings those memories to life.

It is the ideal gift for children to give to their parents for a life time occasion like a silver anniversary or a 70th birthday. You can even pool together with siblings.

The gift to shoot a beautiful Vandercom documentary is a precious opportunity to reflect on your life story. It’s a profound experience that allows you to pass on your wisdom to future generations and to strengthen family heritage.

Younger generations undoubtedly will find your story not only intriguing, but heartfelt too. It’s something to be proud of when you see the completed work and the reactions of family and friends.


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"My son kept on about me documenting my memoirs and how this would be beneficial for the family, and particularly for my granddaughter."

80 Years in 80 Minutes


"Me and my sisters wanted to give our parents something special for their 60th anniversary, and a film is the ultimate way to commemorate their marriage and made an unforgettable impact as they relived their years together."

How they met


"I wanted to record my Dad’s stories before they are lost forever. He was a living witness to so much history that is now captured for us hold onto for generations. I would not have believed how enjoyable this project was."

Life of an Unsung hero


"We are so thrilled with the final film and enjoyed the whole process of making it. I felt like a film star for a while and the end result is something we will treasure forever."

My Grandma the Spy


"We wanted to share our story with the world. The pains and excitement that built our business. Vandercom Films enabled us to do that"
Levent Yildizgoran

Levent Yildizgoran, TTC WeTranslate


"It’s a profound experience and a precious opportunity to reflect on your life story. It allows you to document your successes and challenges as a lesson and inspiration for future generations"
Alfie Best

Alfie Best

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