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The gift of the chance to shoot a beautiful Vandercom documentary feature is a precious opportunity to reflect on your life story. It’s a profound experience that allows you to pass on your wisdom to future generations and to strengthen family heritage.

Younger generations undoubtedly will find your story not only intriguing, but heartfelt too. It’s something to be proud of when you see the completed work and the reactions of family and friends.

Add to your experience by using actors to recreate special moments in your life. We can recreate a graduation, the first meeting of someone special, or a milestone life achievement. See our additional services.


What's Included


Preparations for the production via phone, video call or in person.

Filming and Interviews

Filming the interview with the Storyteller or Storyteller couple.

Contributors will be interviewed (family members or friends for specific parts of the story).

Filming going through photo albums and providing commentary on those you want to highlight.

Filming of some of your life today.

Filming day out on location such as the places you grow up.

Completing the Film

Editing work including use of any sourced footage and audio.

Including selected home video clips.

Including up to 100 selected photographs.

Single Camera filming in 4K using a Sony A7sIII or similar.

A digital copy of the finished film in High Definition (HD).