Joel Van der Molen

Founder and CEO

Founder Joel Van der Molen was inspired by the stories he would hear as a child, sitting in the living room gathered around photo albums with family, seeing old photographs of grandparents, great grandparents, and other family members. He would listen to his Mum and Dad bring the photos to life, describing who was who and what life was like growing up in the fifties and sixties.

After his mother died, he realised the missed opportunity to document her life and preserve her memory, but his father was there to share the life they had. On many occasions he asked his father to record his memoirs. With a daughter of his own, how could he have something to pass on, so that she would know the details of her family heritage? 

He wanted to relive the stories and recapture some of the magic he experienced as a child to pass on to his daughter, and his father did as well.

Since the invention of television, the visual format has always been preferred to the written word. You can see the storyteller, connect with their personality and emotions and what better way than to have the storyteller sitting with you in the living room, long after they are gone.

Through interviews on camera, guided with intelligent questions to recall every important moment of his life, Joel’s father enjoyed reliving the memories and sharing his lessons in life for his granddaughter. They created a documentary that preserved the life stories that may have been lost forever.

Drawing on his own documentary film success, his business experience, and connections with filmmakers, his vision to be of service to many, combined with his love of filmmaking came to life, giving everyone the opportunity to tell their own special story in a beautiful film.

Nicola R. Facciorusso

Advisory Board

Nicola brings his wealth of knowledge and financial mind to overseeing the global opportunities for Vandercom Films. He holds the company mission to turn one million life stories into professional films close to his heart. A former investment banker for leading banks in Germany, Nicola publishes many articles and editorials for print media in Italy and Germany and appears regularly in News programmes around the world for interviews on topics like Sovereign Wealth Funds, Economic performance, and the stock market. He is a Fellow of the G&A Institute of New York.



Lia is one of Italy’s most awarded Filmmakers, best known for A Burst of Song which won her 19 global film awards. She received the Golden Lion for Peace award in Venice in 2017 and has directed 45 documentaries all over the world, winning 84 awards to date. She is an appointed representative of Religions for Peace at FAO-UN, is the founded of Religion Today Film Festival, and Women of Faith for Peace, in Jerusalem. As a Vandercom filmmaker, Lia holds dear the power of storytelling through film to bring lessons and inspiration to younger generations and leave a legacy that lasts forever.



Working for household names like Mersey Television, Granada Television and Sony Entertainment, Matt made the internationally acclaimed short film “The Car Wash” in 2000 and the TV film, ‘Fist of Justice’ (2005). As an experienced stuntman, choreographer and action Director, Matt worked with Jackie Chan on The Medallion and on Menahem Golan’s, Final Combat. Matt is an acclaimed Director of Photography working on multiple major film projects, and he is at the helm of some of Vandercom Film’s most prestigious projects.


Sound Design

Phil brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a location Sound Recordist for Documentaries, Films, Television, and live performances, as well as years of Post-Production Sound Design. He plays a crucial role in delivering your final picture. With skills in audio restoration and dialogue clean up, even those hard to hear old home videos can be breathed new life.



“I’m here to help make your photography experience comfortable, easy, and fun!”

Petar’s story as a photographer began in 2014 in Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, with an Olympus digital camera, walking miles to capture the shots he envisioned while relishing the weather. His wealth of experience and technical prowess has created a way of capturing beyond the conventional. You will love the way he will bring out the magnificence of you.


Production Assistant

After achieving a degree in Media Technology, Latifa Gbaja is an essential element in bringing each production to life. Working closely with the Director of Photograph and all areas of the production, she is developing her skill set for the top jobs in Film and Television.



Sara is an award-winning filmmaker based in London with 10 years of film industry experience working at Pinewood Studios with well-known commercial brands, and in independent films.

She completed an MA in Directing at MET Film School, an MA in Media and Documentaries at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a professional degree in post-production. She has a keen interest and talent for films and documentaries about family, social struggles, and transmission of memory. Originally from Portugal, Sara and is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Company Vision:

For everyone to capture their life story in a meaningful film to live on for generations.

Company Mission:

Vandercom’s mission is to turn 1 Million life stories into professional films by 2030.