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Founder Joel Van der Molen was inspired by the stories he would hear as a child, sitting in the living room gathered around photo albums with family, seeing old photographs of grandparents, great grandparents, and other family members. He would listen to his Mum and Dad bring the photos to life, describing who was who and what life was like growing up in the fifties and sixties.

After his mother died, he realised the missed opportunity to document her life and preserve her memory, but his father was there to share the life they had. On many occasions he asked his father to record his memoirs. With a daughter of his own, how could he have something to pass on, so that she would know the details of her family heritage?

He wanted to relive the stories and recapture some of the magic he experienced as a child to pass on to his daughter, and his father did as well.
Since the invention of television, the visual format has always been preferred to the written word. You can see the storyteller, connect with their personality and emotions and what better way than to have the storyteller sitting with you in the living room, long after they are gone.

Through interviews on camera, guided with intelligent questions to recall every important moment of his life, Joel’s father enjoyed reliving the memories and sharing his lessons in life for his granddaughter. They created a documentary that preserved the life stories that may have been lost forever.

Drawing on his own documentary film success, his business experience, and connections with filmmakers, his vision to be of service to many, combined with his love of filmmaking came to life, giving everyone the opportunity to tell their own special story in a beautiful film.

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